I also needed a new coil for it which I installed, cleaned the mag up and replaced any bits it needed. Electrical - Armature windings, Condenser, Slip ring, Points and Bushes. instructions). We will check all the parts of the magneto for faults and will provide a firm quotation for a repair along with a description of the magneto repair required. Check that the spring of the pick-up brush is good, that the brush is free to move in its holder and that it is not unduly worn in length or diameter. equipment. We shall resume operations as soon as we possibly can. Re-install the contact-breaker assembly, ensuring that it registers properly with the armature shaft. I would also welcome information on some of the things shown in the video such as the handles on the trolley. or. Do similar tests with the HT lead(s) and the plug-cap(s). books, learndpapers and patents on Check the state of the points surfaces. A short circuit absorbs all the power, hence no output or spark. I pulled my B34 out after the winter and could not get it started. read more deeply). 0000001569 00000 n With Lucas devices, if it fouls the contact-breaker spring, the contact-breaker assembly will need to be removed and the effective length of the spring increased as necessary. Used on many cars in the early 20th century, ignition magnetos were largely replaced by induction coil ignition systems. This is really common on original units as the Lucas condensers were made from wax paper and foil. have a small choice of reconditioned With some magnetos, the main-body earth brush is accessible with the magneto in situ. I'm working on a Lucas Mag right now for the first time and this is extremely helpful. Thanks. Problems rooted in the magneto are sometimes obvious, or can seem like all sorts of other things. Place a clean piece of strong paper between the points, and with the points closed pull the paper out. If your multimeter can measure capacitance, the reading should be within 10% of: 150 nF (0.15 uF) for the C01, C02, C03, C05 and CU/150 EasyCaps; 220 nF (0.22 uF) for the C06, C07 and CU/220 EasyCaps. I'd need to install it in the chassis or rig up something to do that. If possible, get somebody to help. Grease. information as we can about the electrical equipment March 21, 2020 in Technical. only for magnetos, but also classic motorcycle [5] Therefore, some magnetos have an impulse coupling, a springlike mechanical linkage between the engine and magneto drive shaft which "winds up" and "lets go" at the proper moment for spinning the magneto shaft. In the type known as a shuttle magneto, the engine rotates a coil of wire between the poles of a magnet. A good Wico X series mag will jump at least 3/8" air gap. IMPORTANT. For example, in the Lucas K1F and K2F, the earth brush is located on top inboard of the main mounting flange. The family of Bijan Ghaisar, shot dead by two U.S. Park Police officers as he slowly drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee away from them in 2017, agreed to settle their lawsuit against the . that more owners can not only maintain their magnetos, Italiana If an earth brush is fitted behind the back-plate, check that the spring is good, that the brush is free to move and that it is not unduly worn in length or diameter. - there's a lot of stuff in our frequently If you have a Megger or similar insulation tester, set it to test at 500V. The gap will widen as the wire ends melt further apart and soon the adjacent turns will be affected so the coil will eventually fail. A second coil, with many more turns than the primary, is wound on the same iron core to form an electrical transformer. The magneto is rebuilt by a reputable US shop. "Colonel fair is fair: if I nail Hotlips and punch Hawkeye can I go home too?". Links to some interesting You must log in or register to reply here. I got it back, spun it, sparked. rebuilt amature runs about 85pnds from independent ignition. heavier the better. The ratio of turns in the secondary winding to the number of turns in the primary winding, is called the turns ratio. Nous Joined: Oct 2009. If there is a lubricating felt, soak it in oil. The resistance between the two sides of the circuit board (with your fingers well clear) should climb to in excess of 2 G (2000 M). When screwed in the head, however, the plugs make no spark. With larger gaps, if the magneto is provided with a safety gap, the spark is more likely to jump there where it cant be seen, so thats a waste of time. We always replace the capacitor during a repair as experience has show us that the capacitor tends to be the most unreliable part. errors in the translations. Always good to learn how to check lucas parts, one of the weaker parts of a triumph motor.. Classic Cycles inc. 2199 N. Batavia Suite J. Please get in contact if you know anything about aerograph compressors especially if you have technical drawings.Last, but not least, if you want to receive notifications when more videos in this series are uploaded please subscribe to the channel. Also, some pattern contact-breaker assemblies are too large at the fat end and need to be filed or ground to size. I would narrow the plug gaps to .020" and see what happens. Great post! This video details the work done to the magneto so far. NEW but enjoy doing it, with confidence, relying on the Replace if necessary. 2,330 views Oct 18, 2020 16 Dislike Share Air Fuel Mixologist 1.31K subscribers I purchased this Lister D petrol (gasoline). Regrettably, some Acrobat .pdf files might These are prone to deterioration and the cause of many ignition faults. Rotate the armature and check that the contact- breaker spring never touches the cam. Magneto services Check the state of the contact return spring and replace if broken. This disables the magneto to reduce the risk of electric shock and fire. 0000002567 00000 n Check for wear and replace any worn parts. I was bench testing by tuning the mag slowly by hand, without the impulse coupling attached, so 1/4" is a good distance. Make a note of the reading; youll need to refer to it later. If you do, then replace the pick-up. Can you rig up real cables? I would be interested to hear from people who either have seen this running or know of similar setups in forges. Even if the points surfaces look good, clean them with fine emery cloth to remove any oxide layer. Values vary considerably depending on the make and model of magneto and who wound it. Check out our magneto armature winding service. With BTH devices, if the moving point assembly fouls the eccentric pin, the pin will need to be adjusted. Therefore, taking the sparking plug(s) out of the engine, laying them on the cylinder head and checking whether the magneto will produce a spark at kickstart speeds is not a sufficient test. An ignition magneto (also called a high-tension magneto) is an older type of ignition system used in spark-ignition engines (such as petrol engines). Ensure that you have the proper gasket fitted. Lucas (and most other) capacitors made in the 50's & 60's used a paper dielectric. demand to 'perfectly functional' or 'as-new' [7] Ignition magnetos were soon was used on most cars, for both low voltage systems (which used secondary coils to fire the spark plugs) and high voltage magnetos (which fired the spark plug directly, similar to induction coil ignition). specially-selected, top-quality, British-made and overhauls. Lucasworkshopinstructions-magnetosLucasworkshopinstructions-otherstuffLucaspartslistsLucasATDspecificationsBTHinstructions&partslistsM-LBookletsMagntoFrancedocumentationRobertBoschDocumentationAmericanBoschworkshopinstructionsPatentsBooksandlearndpapers, Redesigned contact breaker for ring cam models, SR1, SR2 & SR4 magnetos (workshop Just to reinforce a point here of something very well done that you did in the how-to: when you're testing a mag like this, ALWAYS have the plug wires hooked up with a gap (or plugs) to ground so that energy has somewhere to go. Excellent "how-to". With the plugs in the engine connect one plug outside like you have been testing it to confirm no spark, If there is spark present I would open the gap of an old spark plug to 3/16" and see if the spark will jump that gap. startxref If you have an auto-ranging meter, the reading might jump about a bit on the way while it changes scales. 0000001913 00000 n 2. They were used in the village forge in Cullworth (northaptonshire). Rotate the armature and check that, when the points are fully open, the moving point assembly is not fouling anything. Stored in the dry. It should fit properly in only one precise position. The reading should be between 0.5 and 0.7 ohms greater than your first reading. 82 0 obj<> endobj (Japanese) If not free to move, ease it. As the field collapses rapidly there is a large voltage induced (as described by Faraday's Law) across the primary coil. With other models, it may be inaccessible while the magneto is in situ, for example underneath. SR1, SR2 & SR4 magnetos (workshop instructions) Thanks. While holding it in that position, tighten the centre screw, but do not use undue force. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Check the condition of the HT lead(s) and plug-cap(s) and replace where necessary. with a fixed register in the cam housing and with the advance/retard actuator). Main-body Earth Brushes and Bearing Insulators: Some magnetos have an earth brush between the contact-breaker back-plate and the contact breaker housing. However, dont make them lop-sided. This was examined earlier. If the magnet is full strength and the spark at the points looks right then I would still say you have a coil problem with some shorted turns or something. As the magnet moves with respect to the coil, the magnetic flux linkage of the coil changes. Check that all the insulators are in good shape, and reassemble the contact breaker assembly. If nobody is available, then you can make a test plug by removing the earth electrode from an old, but functional, sparking plug. It uses a magneto and a transformer to make pulses of high voltage for the spark plugs. When the magneto is supposed to fire, the flyweights are released by the action of the body contacting the trigger ramp. If there are any, repeat until the paper comes out clean. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Wrap some rag around the end of a stick about 1/4 diameter, moisten it with petrol or other cleaning fluid (but not so much that it is dripping), poke it through the pick-up hole in the magneto body, and rotate the armature to clean the slip ring. A capacitor is placed across the points which absorbs the energy stored in the leakage inductance of the primary coil, and slows the rise time of the primary winding voltage to allow the points to open fully. "A Community of Antique Engine Enthusiasts." Coil may still function somewhat and not completely failed but ratio of turns lost because of insulation breakdown. Now that the slip ring has dried off, replace the pick-up(s). To do this, measure the resistance between the magneto body and the end of the armature shaft. Measure the resistance between the magneto body and terminal in one and then the other of the the plug caps. The impulse coupling uses a spring, a hub cam with flyweights, and a shell. The original coil may be reusable, although it is susceptible to faults - as described in our section: common problems on magnetos. Magneto parts We also sell our Brightspark range of specially-selected, top-quality, British-made slip rings and pick-ups for Lucas and BTH magnetos. Blue spark is great but if it can only jump .03" when external of a cylinder with no compression pressureswhen you add the compression and fuel mix it will fall on its face. Twirl the armature. To all you guys with Lucas magnetos with problems, get ready to see it fully functional for about $23 shipped, along with a little work in your garage. We would recommend having the transformer coil rewound as modern class F or H wires and insulations are superior to the ones used at the time it was originally made and would almost certainly give you another 40 years of good service. detailed guide to maintaining and how they work; and to collate as much other i have had 3 done here by ed strain that included rebuild with remagnatized body for a little more than $200.00. 096792012013 - 2020 | Website design by The Net Effect of Sheffield, Website design by The Net Effect of Sheffield. if it doesn't jump 3/16" double check the points to see if they are shiny clean the whole face of each point. We recommend using non-resistive (copper) cable and unsuppressed plug caps. DIY Magneto Maintenance and Troubleshooting 0000006861 00000 n Put a smear of grease on the surface of the cam that engages its housing. Thanks again. No this is the type of stuff I like logging in to see! If it is an original capacitor then it will almost certainly fail because of its age and the materials and techniques that were used to construct them. I do not know it all but I will try to help. Nice work. An ignition magneto (also called a high-tension magneto) is an older type of ignition system used in spark-ignition engines (such as petrol engines). Because it requires no battery or other source of electrical energy, the magneto is a compact and reliable self-contained ignition system, which is why it remains in use in many general aviation applications. Another cause of atom disorientation is mechanical shock, hammer blows or dropping the unit onto a hard surface, etc. Once the insulation has been broken down once, it often makes it easier for it to be broken down again. Also, with the points open, check that there is an open circuit between them; if fitted with a Brightspark EasyCap, it will take a little while for the resistance reading to climb off the scale. xref BTW, Michael, that's a darn clever trick/solution! In more modern times, insulation materials have improved to the point where constructing self-contained magnetos is relatively easy, but energy transfer systems are still used where the ultimate in reliability is required such as in aviation engines. Once With a twin, repeat with the other pick-up. At any one time, we reckon to Come join the discussion about performance, restorations, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! quality are also available, of the correct A fair amount maintenance and troubleshooting of a magneto can be done with the magneto in situ and without any special tools or equipment other than a multimeter. terry rasmussen son eric, atlanta united academy,
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